It is meant to be hidden

Truth is meant to be hidden. Lies are meant to be told, because if lies didn’t exist there would be no such word like truth. This small world is full to the brim with fictional stories. Our mouth is the gun and words are the bullets but these bullets named ‘falsies’ hit real hard man. These are of many types. Virtual , real , stupid , and many more still unknown to the philosophers. I don’t know how…I don’t know why but some people are expert in shooting these falsies . They’re born shooters, and guess what ? They don’t let us know for a fraction of seconds that we’re dead already.


The sharp hooks 

Thanks to all those who always tried to let me down, 

It’s because of the obvious reasons.. I don’t wear the crown. 

And they know pretty well how easy it is 

to cut me out and let me , in the enormous ocean , drown. 

But a quick question; do you know the fact? 

that all I do in front of them is act, 

as if I’m weak, 

but that’s not the streak.

Every single time you scar me,

you hate me or hurt me, 

I become strong enough to hold myself,

strong enough to break that shelf. 

That shelf full of books, 

namely weakness , anger and sharp hooks.

on which I hang my confidence and dignity, 

to use it at perfect moments and throw out the negativity. 

The Basins 

You know some things in the world are not explained or told but are felt. Yeah! The first thought in your working model protected under the skull is ‘love’ , but what is love? It’s a part of a brilliantly named word ‘feelings’. So yeah , Love is not the only thing we feel. We feel everything possible in the excitingly celebrated world around us , and I guess I’m one of those rarest people  to actually figure out the f*****g fact that even our working model protected under the skull i.e brain has a digestive system . This amazing fact is still unknown to the world . I know you still don’t get this sh*t that I’m trying to convey. Okay! so, all the feelings that we feel , we literally eat them like binge eaters. Then where does it go? To the obvious path of digestive system of the brain. Now there are 2 kinds of people. One who digest it completely and don’t react . They freaking nail it man. And the others who try to digest the sh*t tones of feelings but fail to do so. Then they puke their stuff into the basin, and who are these basins? These basins are your CLOSEST friends . Now the main question in the test of our life is that who are the basin of our life? Go and find them and puke out  on their face all the sh*t feelings that you couldn’t digest and see how beautiful they make you feel. They don’t judge you for what you are. Because they are your own basins and feel special to be called someone’s basin.

~ Rukhmini


I was passionate . I was curious. But the falsifying truth was crawling inside my head. Hey there! Fictitious things or writings are not actually fictitious. It is a real world that exists inside a person’s heart. So basically fiction is real but not real. Yet confused right? There’s nothing to be confused about. Because this world with 50% awfulness forces us to divert towards fiction. I don’t know you people like it or not but that’s what the ‘real me’ says about the real world where everyone is fictitious from outside and even from inside. There are rarest of the rare people who are actually real from inside and outside. And maybe a lil population of people are aware of it.